About Us

Our Vision

OneClickVip.com is for the Promoter, the VIP Host, and the Party Goer.  A site that finally allows us to connect with each other on a social and VIP level.   This isnt a site where you pay us 100’s of dollars so we can transport you to 4 different clubs in the span of 4 hours (not fun).  Research the club or pool you want to go to for “Your” vegas vacation and party for free.  You dont need anyone telling you how to have to good time with your money.  Its Vegas!!! The sky’s the limit, literally anything is possible.  The Promoters and VIP Host on this site are here for you, to make sure you have the best time possible.  That’s their job and they are damn good at it.  These guys know the in’s and out’s of Vegas and can answer any question you might have.  Dont forget to upload your pictures and have fun.