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A VIP Host is a knowledgeable male or female usually in the area of nightlife or gaming that can assist you with specialized requests thereby giving you access to amenities only the whales or big time gamblers once enjoyed. VIP Hosts in Las Vegas are geared towards delivering personable VIP services for individuals and/or Large groups or bachelor parties.

With the right Promoter, the sky’s the limit.

A nightclub promoter has the job of promoting a nightclub and the events, concerts, or parties the nightclub owner or management plans. Essentially, a nightclub promoter has the job of advertising and getting people to visit the club.

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Promoters - A promoter is the one to call when you want to enter that special club for free, skip pass the ridiculously long line, and maybe even be comped free drinks.

VIP Hosts - A VIP host is your best bet for bottle service and the best all inclusive VIP experience

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