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Night Life at Omnia Las Vegas

Omnia Las Vegas is a newly open nightclub at Caesar’s Palace Resort that will surely change and bring a new way of party experience. This is operated and owned by the Hakkasan Group and is located in the place of long-since-closed Pure Nightclub.

Omnia’s design is a sure signature of Hakkasan Group. It has a sleek yet possesses a comfortable furnishing. The venue is divided into three. First one is a main room or the dancefloor where you can have that live entertainment and all the partying you want, with a huge dance floor and  VIP tables. Second, is an ultra-lounge where guest can relax, have conversations or engage in a light dancing. Lastly, a rooftop will allow you to view the amazing Las Vegas Strips.

The visuals in this place are really an exception. They will present you with something that you haven’t encounter before and one of this is the feature of moving chandelier. It is made of eight oval rings that make a mind-blowing show of lights. This is proven to tempt plenty of individuals, from all walks of life, to engage with the events.

Dress code

Las Vegas is known in the world for having amazing nightclubs, marvelous stage shows, incredible pool merrymakings, unique attractions, and gorgeous casinos and hotels. When you are in this place, with all this glamour, your attire should match in the place.

When going in Las Vegas nightclubs you should make sure that your outfit could impress the audience. Omnia night wants their visitors to be wearing appropriate clothes so they give a dress code.


  • Sport coat or any well-fitting suit
  • Designer jeans or dress slacks
  • Bow tie or the regular one
  • Dress shoes and the likes
  • Dress that are collared pressed
  • Vests

Not allowed

  • Baggy jeans (this are the tight fitting jeans)
  • Sports Hats (but those hat like fedoras, beret, and the likes are allowed)
  • Tennis shoes and other sport type shoes
  • Capris
  • Shorts
  • Jersey
  • Rasta caps, Beanie, Do-rags, etc.
  • Sunglasses (they will really not prohibit you, but you will just look ridiculous and because you will go there at night, surely you can’t see through these glasses)

Some men might find wearing these stuffs and be quite formal as something uncomfortable.  Yeah, they do wear these things but only on occasions such as marriage, JS prom, Sunday church, and those who work in a corporate industry. Aside from those occasions, most men don’t wear such stuffs anymore.

This dress code might quite irritate you and you may even question the need for it. It may sound unnecessary for some, but let’s face the fact, will it be pleasing to see a person in a glamorous place wearing sports wear? Yeah, it’s for wearing the appropriate.

If men might consider it a little harsh and difficult to follow, well for women, it will always be an easy one. Make-ups, hair, dresses, it’s all girl’s stuff. It’s even an opportunity for girls to express themselves and an opportunity to get and wear the dress that you love. Aside from that, if you are eloquently dressed, you can never be out of place in the crowd.

Bottle Service in Omnia Las Vegas

Table service here will let you experience premium nightlife. Instead of waiting in line on the bar, you can already make reservations for the table and seating. You will also have personal server to attend on your needs. All you need to do is file a form of reservation for bottle service or call their contact number.

Availing this bottle service can give you lots of benefits. With the bottle service, you can easily get in the nightclub, you can avoid waiting in line just to get your drinks and you have your personal space, thus making the most out of the night.

Omnia will offer you with three choices. They have VIP Entry with Table which includes a VIP hosted Entry, has no line, and a guarantee for a VIP table. Another is the Two Club Tables with Limo which includes a Limo transfer to Omnia, VIP Hosted entry to Omnia and a table and the there’s VIP entry for ladies. This includes Limo transfer to Omnia, VIP hosted to Omnia, no lie, and Omnia nightclub tour.

Getting guest list at Omnia

To get a guest list at Omnia, you just need to fill up the form they gave for availing this list. Just check it out on their website and then submit it to them. Afterwards wait for their confirmation and then it’s now all settle.

Usually those who are registered on the guest list have a delay in line that was separated. Men and women who avail this will also have a separate entry from the guest who needs to pay in full fee which gave them the benefits of paying only the half of the entrance fee or sometimes an opportunity to enjoy in the place without a charge.

Omnia Cover Charge

Cover depends upon the one who’s spinning. In times, that there are sold outs the tendency is that you might end up waiting. If it was Friday or Saturday, it will be much better and convenient to get a bottle service or buy the presale tickets.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting the or by means of calling the concierge services.  The prices of purchase will vary.

The price of admission will also vary ad will be determined by the performer or the talent for the night.

Omnia club in Vegas promoter

Upon the opening of this nightclub, there have been lots of promoters that came on the way. They exist in social networking sites such as in Twitter, Facebook and others. It has been a proof that Omnia Nightclub is really a great choice for partying in Las Vegas.

Omnia Las Vegas is open on Tuesday, Thursday until Sundays from 10 p.m. onwards. They accept guest only those that are already 21 years of age. Just have the required payments or avail bottle service, be in proper attire, went to the place, then you can already enjoy all the beauty, glamour, and great partying experience that it can offer you.



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