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By Matthew, Published: 18:00 GMT, 22nd February, 2015

Ghostbar Las vegas is on the 55th floor of Ivory Tower and is all about party, drinks, dance, and laughs. It’s the Ghostbar Las Vegas, and it’s that vibrant world that pulls all the levers of fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting this bar for the first time, or hundredth, you feel like a fresh person with animalistic passion; you feel the spine in your body, and relish each moment. Besides, the frequent visitors of the Ghostbar insist that when it comes to high-class, nothing can beat this club; its class is, in fact, that master card that that holds all the hidden power and presents all things to perfection, which facilitates this club to stand on the shoulders of its competition.


‘Let’s Party!’ If you’re pondering this, alone or with your friends, especially at night, in Las Vegas, opt for the Ghostbar club.

It has the view and the allure that can turn your nights into executives and make them utterly memorable.

Though, there are various top-notch clubs in the Las Vegas, but Ghostbar keep it exclusive through numerous features.

For instance, the location, music, live performances, gaming, fine dining, and etc., are the ornaments of this club, and make it stand out in the entire Vegas.

In addition, the best factor is, it defines its status through its features.

Once you’re there, there is a sense of high-class that envelopes you fully, and impels you to feel that you’re a posh person.


Before you make a concrete decision regarding this nightclub, it’s pertinent to shed light on a few aspects, so that you can perceive its highs and lows better, and move your feet according to it; you, of course, don’t want to feel helpless, in case you finalize your decision, but the conditions don’t support you, or inject panic in your veins, and ruin your plans for the night.

Therefore, before hanging out, and partying, 55 stories above the ground, it’s immensely significant to perceive some of its conditions, and lavish offerings.


So, are you ready for a whole new breed of party? Well, pull your seats up…



Ghostbar Las Vegas Dress Code


Ghostbar Las Vegas

Ghostbar Las Vegas

The dress should be smashing!

That’s the code.

And, that’s what you must bear in mind; proper attire is required.

For that reason, the authorities often impel you to try your best dresses if you want to relish the charm of that place.

And, it’s not only you! All people are in their sun-kissed dresses and defining authority, power, and style through them.

Men are often dressed like elites, whereas women are in their lavish dresses with high-heels, and singing the anthems of posh beauty and exclusiveness.

It’s like the party of the heaven’s standard is going on, and everyone is radiating that he, or she, is the cream of the crop.


Now, it doesn’t mean that jeans or t-shirts aren’t allowed.

Of course, they’re.

However, keep in mind that you should stand out as a high-born, if they’re kissing your skin; you shouldn’t appear like you’re on a street party.

Instead, exhibit that you’re a king, or a queen, but in casual attire; show that through your body language, hairstyle, shoes, and etc.

The more you would care about these things, the more casual dressing won’t matter. In fact, it would play for your strength, and impel people to notice you with praising eyes.


The Ghostbar authorities often indicate their policy for the dress code at the entry point, at downstairs.

This action should be enough to demonstrate that how much they’re serious regarding keeping their club’s status elite, in the Las Vegas.


Therefore, you should also ponder regarding your best dresses, and wear them, if you truly wish to dominate the 55th floor.

But, don’t be stunned, in case you see someone violating the dress codes; they probably fit in the club because of their attitude and high-class; they’re probably the high-born as well, since, mostly, the high-born, celebrities, and famous people often visit this club in order to have some prolific fun with their friends, and colleagues, that’s why, the dress code is often banished, in front of their fame.


And, besides, if Bill Gates is in t-shirt, he’s still prominent; he doesn’t need a dress code to enter into any nightclub.

He has fame, and he’s in fact an ornament of the society, and he comprehends how to cash it, that’s why, sometimes, you see some top-notch people in t-shirts and jeans, but it doesn’t mean that this tenet applies to the other visitors as well.



Ghostbar Las Vegas Bottle Service Cost


Las Vegas GhostBar Bottle Service

Ghostbar Bottle Service

The bottle service cost is rather moderate.

If you visit the nightclubs often, it won’t look that challenging to you. And, it’s probably the best factor of this club.

But, if you’re a rare visitor, and if you’re visiting this club for the first time, the bottle service could appear a tad expensive to you, as, on an average, it comfortably crosses the $100 bills.

Furthermore, there are some mixes and drinks that start from $325, such as Pinnacle Vodka, and etc.

And, their standard rates are between $350 and $500.

Though, the best thing is, all the drinks, and mixers, are 100 percent original, since, as I’ve stated earlier, this club – Ghostbar – doesn’t compromise at all on its quality and status…


Since, the status, and the originality, is its actual sign that lures its fans.


Apart from this, if you’re with an extensively large group of friends, in a way, you probably require to have a table service too, which starts from $350.

In case you plan to hire a table, remember that you’ve two main choices; there are indoor tables and outdoor tables.

If you opt for the indoor tables, you can relish music, cool airs, and other comforts like that.

On the other hand, in case you opt for the outdoor table, which is rather popular too, there is a grand view of the Las Vegas strip, which can electrify anyone, and the amazing view of the pool.

However, mostly, the costs of both tables (indoor and outdoor) are the same, unless there isn’t any special occasion, or special night.


Other than that, there is one more factor that can manipulate the bottle service cost and change it.

For instance, there are a few nights (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) when the Ghostbar nightclub can be entirely packed; it could be a tad tough to enter into this club.

For that reason, you can expect some changes in the charges.

Though, it doesn’t happen often, but it’s still better to stay cautious rather than feeling despondent in the club.


It won’t be wrong to say that this club has its own theme, even in the bottling service.

Unlike others, their authorities make sure that you’re relishing their service, according to their own theme and feeling exclusive.

Besides, you can have your own breathing space too, in case you want to enjoy your drinks alone.


Their proprietors have designed it in such way that a person forgets its day-to-day hectic routine, feels completely free, and connects with some real fun, while experiencing some stellar view of the strip, exceptional drinks, progressive music, and luxurious atmosphere.



Ghostbar Las Vegas New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve! It’s something that electrifies every human being, and the owners of Ghostbar nightclub comprehend this so well, that’s why, they’ve managed to open a nightclub in such brilliant location.

They’ve planned everything before in order to slay their competition and dominate all the important nights of the world.

Everyone, from every corner of the world, who perceive the location of this club, try its best to secure a place, as it offers the best view, the best fireworks, and the best glamour; it has something that other clubs’ don’t. And, that thing makes it exclusive in the entire regime of Las Vegas.


It’s truly a place for the party-goers; they can savor their time more than any other club of the Vegas.

However, this thing often goes against this club too.

Thousands of people struggle to purchase the ticket to experience New Years Eve fireworks. It’s not easy at all for them, because of the long queues, and average customer service, as most of their employees are immensely busy in those moments, and it’s not an easy task for them to grant access to everyone.

It’s chiefly because of its location that makes it an ideal place for the New Years Eve.

From friends to couples, almost every person desires to celebrate its New Years Eve while standing in this club, and watching jaws-dropping fireworks.


Planning to surprise your date, on the New Years Eve?

Again, opt for this club; it’s not only a tad economical in those moments, but also hand you the best experience (fireworks).

However, yes!

You’ve to do a tad hard work for that, as I’ve said earlier; it won’t be a low-hanging fruit.

For standing in such exceptional place, in those economical charges – $25 to $35 – you’ve to invest some energy. Nothing is for free, especially, not this place.


Furthermore, before securing your place in the Ghostbar, on the New Years Eve, don’t forget to check the availability of shows.

Since, most of the times, it arranges some top-notch shows for its fans to inject the thrill in their veins.

In case you see some celebrity is going to perform too, don’t forget to get the tickets for that performance, as it is once-in-a-lifetime moment, and, of course, you don’t want to miss it, especially if you’re with your lover, or friends.

Already Ghostbar is famous for delivering thrilling events in Las Vegas.



Ghostbar Las Vegas Guest List


Want to check out Ghostbar?

Don’t want to waste time in the long lines?

Get on their guest list, also sometimes known as ‘Free Vegas Club Passes’.

It facilitates you in skipping the long lines and grants you a comfortable access.

The frequent visitors of this club often depend on the guest list, as they understand, it’s a ticket to heaven, and a strong-arm tactic that can resolve numerous issues, and hand them the edge over others.


For experiencing breathtaking views of Las Vegas Strip, even some famous celebrities opt for the guest list.

This should be enough to make you see the importance of it.

Apart from this, if you’re strictly considering the option of guest list, which is of course important, there are a few things which you should remember, for instance, during most days, 1 free drink for ladies, and the entrance for gents is free too, but only before 12:00 AM, after that, they’ve to pay $15.

Just on the Wednesdays, there is free champagne for the ladies, between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM.

All in all, if we canvass both genders, it’d be right to say that the ladies are in luck.

They’re the ones who relish the free things, all day, day-to-day.


Keep in mind one thing; the guest lists are valid until midnight.

If you get late, you’ve to wait in line.

Besides, if there is any special occasion, or special night like new year, it’s better to arrive a few hours before, since the guest lists are usually filled, and clubs are, actually, packed.

Even if you arrive before midnight, it gets tough to enter into the club.

And, in case if you’re with your friends, and have a plan to reserve a table, or receive a bottle service, it would be tougher than your imagination.

Therefore, especially on the special occasions, plan ahead, if you don’t want to envelope yourself in trouble.



Ghostbar Las Vegas Reviews


This club has thousands of exceptional views that facilitate it in gleaning the top position in the Las Vegas.

If I say, mainly, because of its reviews it dominates the yearly charts, it would be utterly right.

Since, its fans, and its visitors, actually, do its marketing and lure more people towards it.

The proprietors of this club raised its standards to that level where they don’t have to spend much on the marketing.

They comprehend that once their customers are satisfied, they’ll come and visit them over and over, and in fact bring more people with them.

This was one of the best strategies that built their business grandly and made them the prominent club in the entire Las Vegas.


Now, allow me to share some of its visitors’ reviews so that you can see how this club receives all applauds consistently and attracts some executive figures of the world.


According to Elisabeth, a master student, “We went there for a bachelorette party; on the whole, the entire club is amazing, but the best thing is, they treat you like you’re the celebrities. This treatment floods you with respect and happiness. Besides, after analyzing its entire atmosphere, it would be safe to say that it’s a perfect girl’s night out club too.”


Next, John, from Vegas, also shared his reviews regarding Ghostbar nightclub, “I once visited this place with my wife, for celebrating New Years Eve. And, I’m happy to say that, I feel, that was the perfect new years’ kiss I received from her… We still have various photographs of those few hours, which we still share, as it was one of the most memorable moments of our lives. I highly recommend this place, if you want serious fun!”


“I didn’t know that the 55th floors of the Palms are that great!” Sara shared her views, from NYC, “I visited this place with my friends, and I’m glad I listened to them. This place is totally the beauty of Las Vegas; if you’re in Vegas, and if you miss this club, you’ll regret.”


Jessica shared her reviews with utter excitement, “Ghostbar Nightclub – great view, great drinks, and great time. Moreover, the glass floor would totally freak you out. If you’re with your friends, you can’t miss the shows of this club. Every detail is there to make an impression on you. We visited this place 3-4 times, and each time savored its offerings.”


Deborah, a famous lawyer of NYC, also visited this club with her significant other; her views about this club aren’t only mesmerizing, but also impel a person to visit this place, right away, according to her, “It was our 12th anniversary, and I wasn’t expecting so much from his plans. However, when I experienced the delights of this place, I was rather surprised. One may perceive, it’s just another club of Las Vegas, but the reality is, it’s not. It’s in fact one of the highest-class clubs of Las Vegas; you feel superior once you step inside. The rooms, first-rate professional people, atmosphere, music, staff, and exclusive treatment make you feel like sunshine. That was probably the best and high-class date of my life!”


Furthermore, Charlene, a 26-year old beautiful woman, said that, “Free entries, free drinks, and the respect for ladies, makes it stand out in the entire Vegas; the people are rather humble, but understand so well that how to treat you with respect and love.”



Ghostbar Dayclub (GBDC)


Have you ever experienced the premier, and vibrant, afternoons, with lots of fun?

If your answer is a big no, visit Ghostbar Dayclub (GBDC); it has everything for your entertainment, and it has the latent authority that can turn your boring and straight days into pulsating ones.

You’d be surprised to know that, not only the young adults, but also the mature executives often visit this place in order to forget their busy schedules for a few minutes; this place is like a heaven for them, and they like to relish their free time here a lot, while relishing drinks, and seeing different exciting performances.


Though, most of the things, in the Dayclub, are exactly like the nightclub, for instance, the dress codes, bottle service costs, guest list rules, and etc.

But, there are still a few things that turn this place into the hottest daytime party.

For instance, there are costumes, debauchery, champagne showers, go-go dancers, and etc., which put all other clubs to shame.

The visitors of GBDC often declare that it’s a high-energy extravaganza that pulls all the right strings, and makes you move on your feet, over and over, while the dancers are singing on the table and injecting excitement in your body through costumes and voices.


In the Ghostbar Dayclub (GBDC), the party timings are between 1pm – 6pm.

Therefore, if you want to see the true colors of the day, visit this club during these timings;

I assure you, top DJs, celebrities, dancers, and guest hosts would twist you with surprise; you’ll savor each moment.

However, don’t forget to check their website, as they often reveal their big party plans, and tell you everything regarding the upcoming shows, events, and celebrities.


Other than that, bear in mind a few more things.

The standard cover charge of GBDC is $20. Besides, there is an age restriction too – 21+.

If you’ve been planning to relish your afternoons, you can, in a casual way as well, but just try to arrive between 01:00 – 03:00 pm. Since, sometimes, there are some special and unexpected parties too that you come to know when you arrive there, such as, pool and high-music parties.

These parties are more than every therapy of the world; they’re designed to introduce the fun beasts inside you.



Concluding Thoughts


As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that’s so true, especially, when we visit Ghostbar Nightclub, and Dayclub.

In Vegas, you can’t miss that buss which moves towards this club; you’ve to chase it down, and move with it.

By all means, you’ve to see what this club is offering, and how it is exclusive, and have higher-class than other clubs.

If its features sound like a lot of fun, then it’s right. It’s fun. It’s in fact that master card of Las Vegas that crushes your unenthusiastic emotions and invites long-term feelings of love, happiness, and enthusiasm; you feel like a fresh person again, and indeed, plan to visit your next holidays here as well.

All in all, it has a bag which is filled with a billion-dollar fun!


Palms Pool – Ditch Fridays!

Palms Casino Resort, a popular destination for many, is the luxury of Las Vegas; it’s situated near the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. From stylish, young people to renowned celebrities, almost everyone visits this place to relish the jolts of fun and entertainment. Though, it’s famous for its casino, recording studio, restaurant, and concert-theater, but the thing that turns it into a magical place is its pool, which hosts lavish pool parties, such as, Ditch Fridays. It’s a place where all the party-goers drink and dance, laugh and smile…


It’s a refreshing escape; if you’ve been dealing with constant troubles of your job, or feeling that your life has gone stale, step back for a minute… Pick up your case, book the flight, and head towards the Palms Pool.

It’s been designed to provide you small bites of fun, so that you can sink yourself in the colors of life, and take pleasure in something different and exclusive.

It features spacious VIP cabanas, padded lounge chairs, live entertainment, bottle service, lavish cocktail, delicious dining, and etc.

Once you’re there, the ratio of fun only multiplies; you experience the craziness of the crowd, and immense levels of entertainment.


Total 3 bars, 27 cabanas, and the space for 3000 people, makes the Palms Pool one of the most famous place in the world. Currently, it’s indeed the ornament of Las Vegas that earns the attention of not only the locals, but also those who love to see the different colors of the world.

Therefore, on the whole, it’d be correct to say that it’s the place where anything and everyone goes.

If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas, missing this place would be like missing the actual fun.

Especially, try to attend it during its party times, as, during those times, this place breathes, and breathes so well, and pull all the fun strings.


People worship the sun gods at the Palms Pool; every weekend this place turns into a hot party of broiling music and breathtaking bodies.

If you want to dive into them too, there are some specific requirements/details that you must know.

For instance, before arriving there, don’t forget to call them, and ask regarding their hours of operation.

They can tell you the exact details, in case you’re approaching them during some special day, or event.


Other than that, the payment method is rather simple; you can pay either straightly through hard cash, or all major credit cards; there won’t be any issue.

The authorities of the Palms Pool perceived that it’s that place where people usually appear without making specific kinds of plan.

In other words, it’s a must-have escape, like the next breath. For that reason, the payment methods should be simple and available for everyone.

Besides, they kept the entry fee low too.

You’d be surprised to know that the male and female entry starts from just $10. Yes! You read right, just $10.

It’s utterly easy on everyone’s pocket.


Next, the dress code matters.

It’s a swimwear, and it’s strictly enforced.

You can’t manipulate the Palms Pool authorities on that.

Therefore, keep your swimwear ready at all cost… Furthermore, self-parking and valet services are both available; it’s entirely up to you what you want… Moreover, the wheelchairs can get an access too, on special request.

However, as I’ve stated earlier, if you’ve someone on the wheelchair, it’s still better to call the authorities first and ask regarding the dress code in that sense; they could provide a better answer after perceiving your situation; they could recommend a different attire.


Apart from this, in case you want some instant cash, you can find the ATM inside the casino; it’s an entirely secure place to grab your cash and use according to your own needs.

Lots of people use the ATM services to relish those side services that make this place a luxurious heaven…

For instance, ‘The Pool Massage’; you can enjoy poolside pampering and relax above the tranquil waters.

It’s one of the most soothing feelings which you can have.


Besides, the most important, and the most famous, event is the “Ditch Friday”.

It’s that time when the party scene is on.

People from all walks of life escape the work and party hard.

During Ditch Fridays, people get wetter and wilder.

They forget everything and begin their weekend with wild fun; they move their feet wildly and dance to the rhythms of DJs while the fun is on inside pool as well.

It’s an utterly different atmosphere that hypnotizes everyone and injects wild lions’ blood in their veins.

In addition, the bottle services, live performances, and tasty menus write the best chapters of people’s lives.


If you ask people, especially regarding the Ditch Fridays, you get some immensely jaw-dropping reviews.

It would be right to say that more than, in fact, 100 percent of the people believe that Palms Pool, and especially its Ditch Friday, it’s one of the most entertaining and affordable place in the entire Las Vegas; one can come and forget its daily rituals and experience the different aspects of his life.

This place is not only for the friends, but also for those couples who love to have some real fun for boosting their romance and love.


In Palms Pool, there are some parties which are specifically sponsored by some top-notch brands, like Playboy.

During those times, the pool is often crazy packed; the large groups of ladies, and men as well, come to have some pure entertainment.

If you could get entrance during those parties, consider yourself lucky.

However, if you’re specifically interested in them, dial the Palms Pool and ask for the dates and bookings; they’ll certainly assist you.


So, want to get surrounded by so many gorgeous women in breathtaking costumes?

Wish to make your weekend memorable?

Just opt for “Palm Pool – Ditch Fridays”.

This magical place has a life of its own.

Once you’re there, you feel like the mightiest man, and think yourself the luckiest… You pull all the right levers of fun and relish a real blast!!!


As the Palms Pool authorities say, if the sun’s out, the fun’s out. So, are you ready to have that fun? Well, don’t hang your boots, just skip the work, and gather your friends…


It’s time to have some real fun!



Ghostbar Las Vegas

4321 W Flamingo Rd
55Th Floor Las Vegas, Nevada 89031


Working Time:

Sunday – Tuesday (8:00 pm-2:00am)

Wednesday (8:00 pm-4:00am)

Thursday – Saturday (8:00pm – 4:00am)

Price Range: Free-$15

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