Mirage Pool Las Vegas Will Be Your Next Best Distraction!

Mirage Pool Las Vegas Will Be Your Next Best Distraction!


Here you will get all information regarding the Mirage Pool, one of the best pools in the Las Vegas city.


Dress code:

The dress code is very important for entering the Mirage pool especially for men. If you will not follow this strictly then you cannot enter inside the pool. You should wear pool or beach attire to ensure your entry.

There is a restriction on wearing cargo shorts, jeans, athletic shorts or jerseys.

Men must wear swimsuit as it would be highly appreciated.

Ladies can also have hats and sandals.

The Mirage allows only entry of the people having age 21 or above.

It is also advisable to use sunscreen cream or lotion before taking sunbath as harmful rays of the sun can have negative effect on your skin.



If you will visit the Mirage pool on Wednesdays then you will find a huge crowd there.

You can enjoy beautiful landscapes while swimming in the pool.

Towel service is also offered by the hotel. There is also a Paradise café and Dolphin bar where you can have your favorite beverage and drink respectively.

The retired people should also go to this pool to forget all their worries and have fun.

The timings for going to the pool are 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

If you want to acquire seat then you should come earlier.

The seat can also be reserved by calling on the contact number given on its official website.


VIP list:

It is worthy to be a part of VIP list. Mirage has made separate pool for the VIP members. Being a VIP member, you will not need to wait for entering the Mirage pool.

If you want to access the glass walled infinity pool then you have to pay between $300 and $850.

You will be treated like VIP if you will purchase a cabana which may cost you around $1000-$1500.

You will feel awesome while sitting on the chairs and chaises under the shadow of palm trees.

The attendants will serve your drink at the least possible time.

VIP seating is available on Friday as well as weekends from 9 am to 7 pm.

If you want to experience VIP services such as Evian misters, iced towels etc. then you should sign up for the VIP list.



The Mirage pool is an ideal place for relaxing and refreshing your mind.

The lush environment will make you stress free.

When you will reach the pool area, you will find a tropical oasis there.

It is also necessary that you should have your room key to flash at the guard.

The pool also has shallow ends on both the sides.

You can start your day with a lavish lunch offered at Paradise. You can also get special offers on drinks on this day.

The helpers will be at your service from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

So what are you waiting for, book your seat online and enjoy sunbath in the crystal clear water.

Your chair will be reserved all day thus you can roam about anywhere without having the fear of losing seat.



The address of the Mirage pool is 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.

You can easily find this place on maps and navigate as it is one of the most popular pools of the Las Vegas.

You can reach there by taxi or metro train in a convenient manner.



Buying cabanas is necessary for getting VIP treatment. The amenities provided in cabanas are Mini refrigerators, safes, Bose Wave radios, Chaise lounge chairs, MP3 docking stations etc.

The light refreshments such as pretzels, nuts, fruits etc. are also given in the cabana. There is also a private patio where you can do your party in your style.

You can also hire a personal cabana host to serve your food and cocktail.

The splendid art work increases the beauty of the cabanas. A 32” flat screen TV is also provided for watching movies, news and any television show of your own choice.

Misting fans are also available in front of cabanas that can be switched on or off. You can also get complimentary pool floats.

The cost price of cabanas on weekdays is lesser in comparison to weekends.

If you do not feel well and cannot go outside then food will be brought right to your cabana.


Guest list:

It is very easy to sign up for the guest list. You just have to give the necessary details such as your phone number, name, address, email id etc.

There are many benefits of becoming a part of guest list like you will have a padded chaise lounge chair with umbrella.

You can also take lifetime membership and become member for a long period of time.

There are also chances of meeting your favorite celebrity.

As a guest, you will have a hassle free entry in the Mirage pool.

The staff will also take care of your needs.

You will also be informed regarding the special events in advance.

Poolside reserved seating is also offered by the Mirage for its guests from 10 am to 6 pm on a daily basis.

The price for reserving poolside seat is $65.



Friday is a perfect day for VIP members. The Mirage also features Bare, a pool lounge in European style.

The local DJs of the Las Vegas play a mix of EDM, hip hop and top 40 at the bare and force the people to dance.

The Mirage Pool’s season usually begins in March and ends in November.  There is also a possibility of watching live music events and experiencing “day club” like atmosphere.

The friendly pool attendants will also help you in getting lounge chairs.

You can also taste the yummy BLT Burger made by the world famous Chef Laurent Tourondel.

The ladies can also do their private pool parties at the Mirage pool. Thus visiting this incredible pool on Fridays will make your day memorable.



Saturdays are reserved for pool parties.

Most of the people come on this day to have lot of fun.

The pool is heated between 78 and 80 degrees. There are also two Jacuzzi where you can relax.

If you want to spend some special moments with someone you can opt for south Jacuzzi. VIP seating is also available on Saturdays.

You can also buy rafts, inner tubes or other pool toys to have full enjoyment.

The waterfall and lagoons make this pool more beautiful. Various special drinks will be offered to you like Mirage’s signature cocktail, flavored Mojitos, spicy Blood Marry and many more.

The two glass dispensers will also be provided so that you can help yourself; one filled with fruit juice and another with ice water.

There is also a dolphin habitat and the erupting volcano to explore.



The Mirage pool has an amazing layout with five acres of land area that can mesmerize anyone.

It has two dipping pools, poolside daybeds, plasma screens and 16 private cabanas. It also has elegant lounge chairs which are brown in color.

The landscape also has a superb texture with many colors such as orange, red, pink, yellow etc.

The Mirage pool provides excellent amenities taking great care of customer satisfaction.

Lifeguards are also there to aid you in case of any emergency.

There is also a lot of space between the lounge chairs so that you can easily move here and there.

A little side table is also available where you can place your belongings.


Cover charge:

The daily cover charge for women is $10 while for men is $40 on Friday and Saturday and $20 for rest of the days.

The price for reserving pool side is $65 on Friday and Saturday otherwise it costs $55.

If you want to buy cabana from Fridays to Sundays then it will be available at $475. You can reserve a chair at $50.

The wheelchairs are also accessible.

The service of valet parking and self-parking is also provided by the Mirage. The pool rafts can be rented at $20 per day.

You can also have complimentary lifejackets on request. You can do payment by credit card as well as cash.


Mirage pool hours of operation:

The hours of operation of the cabanas and private oasis are 10 am to 6pm while for main pool and hot tub is 9 am to 6 pm.

You can get cocktails in the Dolphin bar till 5:30 pm. The Paradise Café will be closed by 3 pm. However, the timings can be extended in the summer months.

The hours of operation can also be changed in case of special occasions.

If you want to enjoy the tasty dishes and serene sounds of the waterfall then you must visit this pool.

The pool club also makes sure that you will have a hot and sizzling party.

It is a great venue for couples, singles and families, so you must go to the Mirage pool.




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