Four Seasons Pool Las Vegas Will Be Your Next Best Distraction!


Four Seasons Pool Las Vegas Will Be Your Next Best Distraction!


Here you will get all the necessary details about the Four Seasons Pool, one of the most popular pools of the Las Vegas.


Dress Code:

Like other pools, the Four Seasons Pool has also its own dress code.

Dress code is very necessary for entering this pool because if you fail to meet the dress code then guards will prohibit your entry.

If you will wear jackets, sport shoes, jeans etc then nobody will appreciate it.

The men as well as ladies should wear swimsuit or any casual attire to ensure their entry. Wearing sandals and hats are allowed at the Four Seasons Pool.

You should also carry sunscreen lotion with you so that harmful sunrays cannot affect your skin.



There is a huge crowd on Wednesdays so advance chair reservation will be beneficial to you.

There is also an oasis where you can sip exotic drink while sitting on the lounge chair.

You can also enjoy delicious sandwiches, burger etc made by the world famous chefs.

You can spend time at the Four Seasons Pool till 5pm.

The friendly attendants will serve you complimentary Evian spritz, ice water and fresh fruits.

The chilled towels are also provided by the pool club.

The retired persons must visit this club to reduce the level of anxiety and have some peaceful moments.


VIP list:

It is worthy to become a VIP member as there are many benefits of it like a hassle free entry in the pool, special seats etc.

A private outdoor pool is also available where you can arrange pool party for your friends.

The lifeguard will also be also present there during service hours to help you.

You can also have your own cabana where you can take advantage of luxury services.

The servers will pay special attention towards you and your friends or family members.

If you want to have VIP treatment then you should sign up for the VIP list.



The Four Seasons Pool has a large area where you can enjoy your sunbath for long time. This pool has a “First come, First serve” policy. Thus you should come earlier i.e. around 9 am to have best use of this service.

You can also get discount on various drinks.

The lush zen garden landscapes will magnetize you so much that you will not stop yourself from coming again and again to this place.

You should reserve a chair for full day so that you will not have fear of losing seat and can easily roam here and there. The pool is heated around 80 degrees.

There is also Jacuzzi for relaxing your body. You can also choose the location of Jacuzzi according to your own preference.

You will also get a chance to drink Four Seasons Pool‘s signature cocktail, Blood Marry, flavored Mojitos and many more.



Mandalay Place, 3960 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States is an address of the Four Seasons Pool.

You will not find difficulty in finding this place as it is the most famous pool of the Las Vegas. You will easily get cab or metro to reach this place.



There are eight cabanas available at the Four Seasons Pool offering the best services.

The facilities provided in the cabanas are comfy sofas, chilled oshibori towels, a ceiling fan with light, a laptop sized safe etc.

A 46-inch flat screen television with a lot of channels is also there so that you can watch your favorite channel at anytime.

You will also get a complimentary high speed Wi-Fi and two USB ports so that you can do urgent official tasks on time.

Magazines are also available inside the cabanas.

A mini fridge is stocked with fruit juice and Evian cold water.

It also includes four chaise lounges.

There is also a private luxurious poolside cabana named Cabana One from where you can enjoy the amazing waterfall views and accommodate eight guests.


Guest list:

It is very easy to sign up for the guest list. The Four Seasons Pool gives the right to its guests to access the pools of the Mandalay Bay beach.

If you will become a part of guest list then you will get a chaise lounge chair with umbrella. As a guest, there is no need to stand in the queue; you can directly enter to the pool.

The pool attendant will serve your drink at the least possible time.

The text message will also be sent to you regarding the special pool parties in advance. You will also have an opportunity to meet your favorite celebrities.

The amenities will be offered to you after each hour by servers. Poolside seats are especially reserved for the guests.

You can also reserve your seat online by visiting its official site.



Most of the pool parties occur on Fridays.

You can enjoy a great music while taking sunbath.

A mix of hip hop and 40 songs is played by the local DJs of the Las Vegas.

Sometimes live musical concerts also occur at the Four Seasons Pool.

The helpers will also arrange lounge chairs for you during event. Ladies can make their Fridays unforgettable by doing private parties.

The pool club will make special arrangements for your party.

You will also be served with tasty dishes.

The salad given during lunch includes Grilled Artichokes, Romaine salad with creamy Parmesan dressing etc.

So you must visit this incredible pool to have lot of fun.



It is a perfect day to get away from the hustle-bustle and refreshing your mind.

Light meals and fresh smoothies will remove your tiredness.

You will also be served with cucumber from time to time.

The elegant surroundings and serene sound of the waterfall will relax your mind. If you are afraid of tanning then you can rest in shaded areas on a pool deck.

You will also be provided with two glass dispensers, one loaded with ice water and another with fresh fruits.

You can also enjoy yummy snacks such as Watermelon Wedge, Roasted Turkey Club Sandwich, Grilled Salmon BLT and many more while exploring natural beauty.

So you should come to this pool every Saturday to spend some quality time with your family.



The Four Seasons Pool has a wonderful layout.

The length of the pool is 30.5 meter whereas depth is 1.1 meter.

The deluxe cabanas are located on upper as well as lower deck having limestone-hued Janus et Cie tri-weave sofa seating.

The cabanas made on pool’s upper deck accommodate fewer guests as compared to lower deck cabanas.

Guests are welcomed by beautiful sculpture and rich wood paneled walls.

It has a private whirlpool with chaise lounges in addition to the outdoor pool. It is located on the Las Vegas strip.

This pool club takes care of customer satisfaction by providing excellent amenities.

There is also a little side table along with the lounge chairs so that you can keep your belongings on it.

The colourful texture increases the beauty of the Four Seasons Pool.


Cover Charge:

The cover charge can vary from day to day. For example, it may be high on weekends as compared to week days.

Similarly the cost price of reserving poolside chair may be different on weekends.

You can have the cabanas at the cost price of $750-1000. The private cabanas can be rent out for full day also.

You can book your cabanas over the internet by either calling on the contact number given on its official website or emailing them.

The chair can be reserved at $50. The facility of valet parking is also given by this pool club.

The fee of valet parking is USD 24 per day.

You can also get complimentary lifejackets if you request them.

The payment can be done by any of the two ways i.e. credit card and cash.

The handicapped persons can have access to wheelchair.


Four Seasons Pool hours of operation:

The daily timings of this pool are from 9 am to 5 pm.

The beverage and food service is available from 10 am to 5 pm.

It opens all the time but it may be closed during winter season.

The hours of operation may be extended on special occasion or big event.

If you want to have an extraordinary experience in the pool and wonderful evening then you must visit Four Seasons Pool in the Las Vegas.

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