Blue Martini Las Vegas Dress Code

Blue Martini Las Vegas Dress Code

The Dress Code in Blue Martini is casual dress.

When we say the word – casually, we mainly have in mind pictures of us at home, or spending out relaxing time on Saturday evening.

Casual dress is simpler, everyday clothing.

It is a counterpart of the official clothing such as uniforms and suits.

Casual clothes are in contrast to official garments designed for the comfort, convenience, and the taste of the wearer.

It is in other words clothes in which people feel happy and does not have representative value.


Blue Martini Dress Code for Men:

Blue martini dress code

Dress Code Ideas for Guys

Men are permitted to wear and turtleneck with a suit or trousers and ladies can choose between trousers and blouses, dresses, suits – almost everything is allowed, except for shorts and T-shirts.

A great choice will be sparkly dress or skirt combined with a shirt. Also, dresses closed till neck with a bare back.

The colors and patterns are permitted on both sides, as well as all the usual casual shoes. But the casual and the street “elegance” are not the same thing.

Casual combinations are comfortable and in which we don’t have any problem to spend an entire day in the bustle of the city and not feel constrained by any piece of clothing.

Casual clothing is aesthetically pleasurable, functional and adaptable.

It eliminates the formal, elegant, too traditional and classic items of clothing and is characterized by “random” combinations of garments of different manufacturers.

Today casual style has some clear boundaries, the main thing is a sense of style and practicality.


Blue Martini Dress Code for Women:

dress code for blue martini las vegas

Blue Martini women Dress Ideas

Women’s casual clothing choice becomes really colorful.

Taking the garment of men in the 20th century, a woman gets adequate freedom of its new, revised role in the world.

A time when the woman was a puppet for the show that had the concept of casual apparel and lived hampered their home position, is behind us.

Casual clothes can be very appealing. Play around with colors and patterns and you can ride through the entire day, when you properly perform the same combination.

The colors are always used for the presentation of traditional, cultural, religious symbolism or feelings of physical and psychological symbolism.

Sometimes, without a single word, with just one color, you can describe an event, emotion or mood.

Certain colors can mean very different things – colors by themselves do not mean anything, but they are culturally assigned with meanings.

For example, red means heat because of the color of fire.

Purple symbolizes nobility just because the color purple in history was expensive, and they could afford it only the rich.

Do not forget that the meaning of colors can be culturally different.

The blue color in a name of this club symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, strength, firmness, inscrutability and infinity. It is the color of the high nobility, and the aristocrats often said to have blue blood.

It stimulates to meditate, to penetrate the inner peace and the past; often acts dreamy and nostalgic, and in English, the word blue indicates just such mood.

Blue is a color that evokes the sky and sea.

It has the power to soothe and relax. Blue is the most commonly used color in general. Blue Martini Las Vegas is the premium lounge from Las Vegas.

It’s a part of a series of 42 night clubs across the U.S. with the same name and very quality service.

This lounge isn’t exactly full of younger party-goers.

There are more local single moms here than anything else.

Don’t get me wrong its still a very respectable nice place and no one here acts out. If your a guy there are a lot of stuck up women that wont waste there time talking to you unless your dressed the part.

The drinks are cheaper than on the strip but still in the $10 range.

This is an awesome place to have fun with live entertainment, delicious food and a great offer of wines and spirits.

It’s possible to arrange special events for personal or corporate needs.

Here you can enjoy and chill out in the amazing atmosphere, great service and hospitality, which makes it a truly superb place to hang out with friends.

People love their Happy Hour considered to be one of the best on the Las Vegas Strip (4:00 – 8:00 pm every day), during which food and drink are really affordable and martinis are for free.

Blue Martini Dress code

Blue Martini Dress Code is Casual Dress

The baked Brie cheese platter is a local speciality, which delights guests. Blue Martini also has a great choice of coctails.

Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada, USA, an internationally known and recognized as a center for gambling, shopping and parties.

Las Vegas is an entertainment capital of the world, known for its many casinos, entertainment centers and nightclubs.

Las Vegas is a city of cabarets, as well as a large number of night clubs with live music. In each of them, the orchestra plays a variety of musical genres so that everybody can find something for themselves.

Some offer artistic programs of its entertainers, others boast a rich assortment of ice cocktails, plenty of tables for billiards and sports television programs.

Las Vegas offers everything for a great party.   It’s good to make a reservation in advance.

This is a wondeful place to dance with a loud live music performed by the best Las Vegas DJs in a  trendy ambience. On Saturday nights place is packed and may be hard to find free space. During the week, a place isn’t so busy, but despite that is fun and enjoyable. The indoor and outdoor scenery is indeed delightful to wander around. The place is remarkable in decor, style and dimensions.

Blue Martini Las Vegas has special events such as „Blue Moon Party“ during every full moon, „ Tickets & ‘Tinis“ every Tuesday (show your movie ticket and get Tini), „ Ladies Night Out“ every Wednesday ladies get drinks at half price,

Think Blue It’s Friday“ with free Martini samplings and Happy Hour (4:00 – 8:00 pm),

Latin Ladies Night“ (free select cocktails for ladies on Thurdays  (11:00 pm – 2:00 am),

Ibiza International Night“ (every Saturday at midnight with free drinks for ladies (12:00– 2:00 am),

Sunday Sessions“ with live music and neo soul Happy Hour starts at 6:00 pm.

Blue Martini Las Vegas Address:

 6593 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 214.

Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 949-2583

Working time: Sunday – Tuesday (4:00 pm – 2:00 am)

Wednesday (4:00 pm – 3:00 am)

Thursday – Saturday (4:00 pm – 4:00 am) Price range: $11-30

Other Blue Martini Locations Include:

Bellevue, WA Boca Raton, FL Fort Lauderdale, FL Lake Charles, LA Miami, FL Naples, FL Orlando, FL Phoenix, AZ Plano, TX Tampa, FL West Palm Beach, FL



All about Blue Martini lounge Las Vegas


Here you will get all the information that you need to know regarding Blue Martini, one of the best lounges of the Las Vegas.

Wednesday nights:

These nights are very special for girls as they get their favorite drinks at half price on Wednesday. Ladies can also enjoy beautiful views from the wraparound patio of the Blue Martini night club. The timings for Wednesday nights are 4pm to 4am. Women can also do their private parties on this day. You should try the signature drinks of the Blue Martini like Blue Curacao, Van Gogh blue vodka etc. You can also relish the mouth watering dishes of the Tapas food menu.

VIP List:

It is worthy to be a VIP member of this upscale lounge. Ladies can get their first drink free after 9pm by using VIP card. Thus you should become a part of Blue Martini ladies club. As a part of the VIP list, you will also get a chance to join any event whichever you want. You can also taste the best appetizers of this lounge. You will be served with your favorite drink in very less time. Many people come to this night club so it becomes difficult to get sitting place. If you want to have seat then you must register for VIP list by calling on the phone number given on the website of this bar.


You will find a huge crowd on Tuesday nights due to many discounted deals. On this day, you will get beverages as well as delicious food at low prices. If you will show your movie ticket then you will also receive a complimentary drink. You can have your drinks till 3am. The best bottle of champagne is also available at the cost price of $100 or less. You can also enjoy dancing on the top 40 and hip hop songs of the year.


Bottle Service:

It is considered one of the luxurious services of the Blue Martini lounge. The fee charged for availing bottle services is much lesser than the other night clubs of the Las Vegas. Using this service, you can direct enter into this lounge without giving entry fees. Also, there is no need of paying tips if you will utilize bottle service. The free wristbands as well as special drinks (vodka with cranberry juice) will also be given to your friends in the party. You can have a lot of fun in your private function without any interference. These all facilities will make your night more memorable.

Guest List:

You can become special member of this night club with great ease. You just have to provide your name and email id to be a part of guest list.  After registering yourself, you will also get confirmation email. Being a member of guest list, you do not need to wait for your turn for entering the club. The bar tenders will fulfill all your requirements at the least possible time. You will also receive notifications about the forthcoming functions. There would be no restriction on you for joining any event. You will also have a right to choose location of table for yourself according to your choice.


Friday nights are the nights for music lovers. You can enjoy live music between 8 pm and 11 pm. The ongoing event for Friday nights is Vibeology. Many celebrities visit the Blue Martini club on this day, so it is a golden chance for you to meet and interact with them. It is advisable that you should reserve your table online in advance otherwise you can face difficulty in getting seat.


Saturday night is an “Ibiza International Night” where you can have an amazing party with ultimate drinks. Saturday is a perfect day to have good time on your weekend. This night is also girls night as drinks will be provided to them at free of cost after midnight. They can also do their party in a separate room. The timings for Saturday night are similar to that of the Wednesday night. The loud music and cool ambience will force you to stand up and do dance on the dance floor. This lounge is highly packed on Saturdays, so you must reach before 4pm.


The Blue Martini Club has a lovely layout. When you will enter this lounge, you will find the beautiful décor like splendid sculptures, wall adorned with wood carvings etc. You can also breathe fresh air in the open area away from music. There are many private rooms so that you can easily make arrangements for your private gatherings. The breathtaking lightening effects create a perfect atmosphere. You can also relax on cushy booth seats. There is a mini dance floor for dancing but you will have full enjoyment and entertainment.

Cover Charge:

The cover charge for entering this club is $5. You can also pay money by using your credit card. The facility of valet as well a self parking is also provided by this lounge. The wheelchairs can also be accessed by you. ATMs are also available in the Town Square in order to avoid inconvenience. The entry fees may be different for different events.



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